some of you already know that we took a summer vacation up north, but you might realize what kind of olfactory journey we actually had.  we didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so we recreated some of our favorite smells.  it’s the fragrant pacific northwest at its best - overflowing with rich, earthy aromas and robust forest scents.  plus, we disguised them as adorable woodland creatures!  what more could you want?

your spirit quest is just beginning

western red cedar accented with champaca, skunk cabbage, evergreen, and earthy, vegetal musk

wake up and smell the totem

logger by day, were-stud by night!

oversexed wolf musk sprayed atop a pile of freshly cut timber

every night’s a full moon

hippies in the mist!

fresh cannabis with balsam fir, lavender, vanilla extract, tonka, patchouli and sandalwood

granola not included.

mama told you not to let were-trash in the house

sweet citrus, candied patchouli, dry cedar, and oodles of vulgar vanilla’d musk

she’s the leader of the pack!

smell bent goes north by northwest